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Life isn’t always about happiness or sadness, but life has many things to offer. And i choose to enjoy it by keep exploring this universe, its people, its culture, and so on

Ocean and sand

Travel Stories Ala Sina

Tell stories from travel experiences, show how wonderful world, the culture, the foods, ad everything from different places.

Sand and ocean


When your lips and mouth can’t say anything and confused to how express feelings, writing can be a solution.

Clear water at the beach

Random Stories and Facts

As i told you, life isn’t always about hapiness, sometimes there will be sadness, madness, and etc. Nevertheless, you can choose how you want to be.

Please, give many comments so i can do better with my blog.

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It is not only about words but it is more than that. It’s about my journey, and this is like my diary. Please don’t hesitate to give any comment or advice so i can do better in my writing and life.

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